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Conwy Castle
Wales and the Welsh

“We don’t let them die, in Wales, Merlin and Arthur and Owain,

We keep them close by and asleep in the hills to be awakened if ever we need them.”

A tiny nation of just over three million, it’s a place so many of us know so little about. You probably know the legends of King Arthur and the gang and you probably are aware that to see their written language, and in fact to hear it, is a weird and strange experience.

And it has a shape like the head of a pig. Just look at a map.

They are a nation of poets and actors, e.g. Dylan Thomas, Richard Burton, Catherine Zita Jones, ,,,,,,and they do have poetry and musioc in their souls. Just listen to a home crowd at a rugby match singing the Welsh National Anthem in harmony. Men’s Welsh Choirs spring up around the world wherever there are enough to form a choir.

But there is so much more. It was the Welsh language that was spoken throughout Britain until the Angles and Saxon invasions and the ambitions of Edward I drove the last of the ‘originals’ into the mountainous corners of the land.

Once thought unliveable, those mountains today draw the adventurous souls who want to experience the haunting beauty of the lonely passes and hills which have the soul of the people deep in their hidden corners.

The North and West is where the Welsh were driven and it is there they remain to this day with their own book publishing and TV programming. In fact, a Welsh soap opera was the longest running program on TV for years.

It is a nation of Castles. Caernarfon, Conwy, Harlech, Caerphilly. All with the Red Dragon flag of Wales flying above them. Once they were all the English Castles of Edward I who militarily captured this tiny corner, but it’s safe to say they were never defeated.

Isn’t it time you discovered this Celtic Corner of Wales for yourself?

P.S. To hear the Welsh National Anthem, at a rugby match just click on the link
the majestic llanberis pass
The name of a town. Takes longer to say it than to drive through it
No rushing - ever. No one night stands. And no added on tax! Maximum of 12-14 guests. Free time built in. Escorted by Andy & Bev Fraser who have been organizing and escorting their tours for 33 years! Quality and experience all the way.  That's why they're "Un"Tours.

The strange, Italianesque, Portmerion
Victorian pier in Llandudno
In full voice at the Rugby
Smallest house in Britain in Conwy
Old slate quarry in the mountains