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No rushing - ever. No one night stands. And no added on tax! Maximum of 12-14 guests. Free time built in. Escorted by Andy & Bev Fraser who have been organizing and escorting their tours for 33 years! Quality and experience all the way.  That's why they're "Un"Tours.

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Your Turkey 2020 Itinerary

Breakfasts and Dinners included throughout the tour including one special lunch.

October 8 Day 1 - On arrival at the new Istanbul airport we’ll be met by our driver and taken to our hotel in the old city where the rest of the day is at your pleasure. Our welcome dinner will be at one of the famous old restaurants ofIstanbul.

October 8 Day 2 We’ll explore the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage Site starting with an ancient underground Water Storage Cistern dating back to the Byzantine Roman Empire under Constantine. We will also stand in the old Hippodrome where the Romans ran their chariot races. Later on to the world famous Hagia Sophia constructed in 326 by Constantine. From a Cathedral to a Mosque to a Museum which it is today it is famous for its architecture and pure beauty it is considered by many to be one of the wonders of the world. Simply put it is unforgettable. Then back to our hotel.

October 10 Day 3 We start the day by dropping in to Topkapi Palace, long the home of the Great Sultans. Filled with treasures, antiques and many treasures. Then we’ll drop in at the stunning Blue Mosque built in 1609 with five main domes and eight minarets. It’s lined with hand painted blue tiles giving it its name. This is a still functioning mosque. Then to continue to rattle your senses, we visit the Grand Bazaar one of the largest and oldest (1455) covered markets in the world, with 61 covered streets and over 4,000 shops. And it’s fun. Time to recover back at our hotel.

October 11 Day 4 Just a short 90 minute flight this morning to the fairy tale world of Cappadocia. (Your luggage will be well taken care of. Your job is to enjoy the flight.) Described as ‘The most magical place on earth) it is a moonscape of fairy chimneys, underground churches from early Christians hiding from the Romans, homes in caves, underground communities; there’s even a police station in one of these strange rock chimneys. We’ll explore the Pasabagi Valley, a former monk’s stronghold. Our hotel is the four star Premier Hotel – and by the way – it’s in caves! (You’ll love it.)

October 12 Day 5 A day to enjoy this erie, yet beautiful moonscape landscape in the Goreme Valley. Over thousands of years rains have eroded soil leaving these fairy chimneys many with homes and churches caved in and under them. Many colorful biblical scenes carved by the early Christian settlers. Apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the area is also known for the famous Turkish Capet makers and we’ll have the opportunity to see one in action before going back to our ‘cave’.

October 13 Day 6 A talk on the remarkable ceramic art dating from the 12th century in nearby Avanos begins our day followed by local ladies discussing and demonstrating the cooking methods. (We’ll eat what they produce as our lunch). Later we’ll explore the sixth century underground city of Ozkonak carved out by early Christians. As deep as three hundred feel on eight levels, several thousand lived in this subterranean city. After it’s back to our last night in this fairy tale world.

October 14 Day 7 Following a relaxed breakfast, we’ll head to the local airport for our just over an hour flight to the city of Izmir before driving to the ancient Greek ruins of Sardis where we’ll see their council house, theatre, gymnasium and the largest synagogue of the ancient world as well as the ruins of the famous Ionic Temple of Artemis. All this dates back to about the eighth century BC. Tonight we’ll be staying in the resort and cruise port town of Kusdadasi on the Aegean Sea. Home for the next three nights is the four star Charisma Hotel right on the beach with it’s own sea front.

October 15 Day 8 Today we visit one of the great ancient cities, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a city talked about in the Bible – Ephesus. At one point Ephesus had a population of more than 300,000. You can sit in the ampitheatre which still holds 24,000. This is where Paul preached and where he wrote his Letter to th Ephesians, now a book of the New Testament. We’ll see the remains of the Great Library of Celsius, gymnasiums, bath houses as we walk on the still marble covered streets. There are ancient public latrines and even carved footsteps leading the way to an ancient house of prostitution. It was one of the 12 cities of the Greek Ionian League and it is believed the gospel of St. John was written here. Once seen, never forgotten. We’ll travel a short distance to the House of the Virgin Mary believed to be where the mother of Jesus lived out her last days while under the care of the apostle John who is said to have brought Mary with him following the crucifixion of Jesus. Still prayed in by Muslims who see Jesus as one of the prophets.

October 16, Day 9 It’s off to the Basilica of St. John where the apostle John is buried. Nearby is the Ottoman Fortress of Selcuk and Sirince Village which is also a wine growing region so we’ll have to have a sample. Nearby is the tiny ruin of the Temple of Artemis, once one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. A fun, full day before heading back to the hotel.

October 17 Day10 - Back to Izmir airport to hop a short flight to Istanbul Airport where we’ll stay in a Radisson, repack, and prepare for our flights back to North America.

October 18 Day 11 - Back home with many wonderful memories of a magic land.

Costs per person double sharing: $4995 Canadian dollars.

Single supplement: $975 Canadian dollars.

Note: U.S. Citizens will be charged the equivalent rate in Canadian dollars .

This tour will have a maximum of 12 persons.