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An attempt at explaining Brexit
Explaining Brexit simply is somewhat akin to attempting to simply describe Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. However...some inquiring minds want to know.

To go beyond stating that the British people narrowly voted to leave the European Union after 43 years as a member is to enter a dark labyrinth of rules, regulations, opinions, and political gobbledy gook.

Putting it simply, it's a mess. Almost half want to go, half want to stay, Parliament is divided and  March 29 is leaving day,

Many don’t want to go...

Couple that with the fact that Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to stay within the EU, as did Giberaltor and Scotland is muttering ( a very loud mutter) that they will call for a second referendum on Independence if their wishes are not listened to, points to a political fight within the somewhat disUnited Kingdom.

Add to the mix that the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have, with the exception of politics, pounds and euros, become almost one. Their border exists on paper but that’s all. Total freedom of movement of people will most likely end if the break up occurs and that will create havoc for trade, for jobs, and for the unity which both Irelands have fought for years to attain.

Hard borders...less easy shopping...less wine

Everything will come to a drastic change. At a simple level, the countless day coach trips from Dover to Callais so the British could buy food products, booze, cigarettes, clothing at cheaper prices in France will end. They could bring in as much s they wanted as long as the items were for personal use. That could continue, but tariffs and duty would have to be paid as well as limits as to the amounts people could bring back.

This will also happen to all goods and services which at present go back and forth freely by plane, train, transport
unless huge concessions are made by both sides.

No subsidies...

A major change will be economic grants and subsidies from the EU especially in the field of agriculture, road building and tourism. At present, British farmers receive subsidies to provide certain goods to EU countries as well as receiving subsidies for allowing sections of land to regrow into forests thus helping the climate control. In other words, some farmers were paid to not grow anything. In many places throughout the UK you see signs indicating that assistance is from the EU.

It is possible the UK government will be able to take on these responsibilities with money saved by not contributing to the EU, but a bigger pot of funds creating major interest returns means more can be done.

Trade, politics, EU law courts for international cases will all have to be negotiated, reparations will have to be paid which many say could cost Britain up to 60 Billion pounds.

Difficult to stay neutral...

But now we’re starting to find ourselves becoming politically involved rather than simply looking at the issues from a neutral position. And there’s the rub. To go into this nightmare scenario as a neutral is almost impossible. Opinions and feelings come into play just as they did during the build up to the Referendum.

Movement of people, who under the EU regulations are free to come and go, to live and work in any member country will end. Decisions will have to be made regarding those who are working and living outside of their home countries.

That immigration word...

Which brings up immigration. The EU states that once a person is accepted into Europe they can move freely, as can everyone else, from country to country. During the referendum campaign, the very, very right wing Ukip, under the leadership at the time of Nicholas Farage pushed hard against the immigration policy using posters of nonwhites pouring ashore. Many believe this was a major tipping point for a large segment of voters.

Immediately after the Referendum vote Hate Crimes in England and Wales increased drastically and even now, they are 40 percent higher than before the vote. But no increase in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Prime Minister Theresa May has said that if things don't go the way Britain wants, they will walk out. Which is a silly thing to say. It would cut off trade with all member countries and create a very, very bad feeling on all sides.

Does anyone win?...

One thing to remember is that there is nothing in the EU rules and regulations that has not been agreed upon by each member countries. Nothing can be imposed without agreement of countries parliaments.

Rumors and myths about. We heard a ‘learned’ person tell us that every court case in the UK has to have two judges from the EU present. Absolutely wrong and somewhat bizarre but it indicates the weirdness that has occurred.

As time goes by opinions will change, governments will gain or lose seats while Scotland and Northern Ireland, (the Elephants in the room), watch on - and plan.

One other point often lost in the great debate is that there has been no European war between any of the EU countries since the second world war. Look at history and you will see this is an incredible improvement on what went on before. Surely this counts for something.